We work with causes, manufacturers,
and retailers to make brands visible again.
All of our services involve an extensive upfront process of mining into the human truths about your brand and what you stand for; a discovery we call Brand Luminosity.

Traditional Branding:

Including: Identifying brand pillars, target audiences and key stakeholders, strategic positioning, logo and tagline development, key messaging and creative campaign concepts.

Cause Branding/Marketing:

National Signature Cause Platforms including: strategic framework, creative campaign concepts and rollout planning that build brand awareness and sustainable funding.

Shopper Marketing:

Highly visible and sustainable in-store ideas that drive sales including: strategic and creative concepts that engage shoppers with their senses and connect with larger ideas like family, the community, and global consciousness.

The real power here is when all three unite to create a heart concept.

We believe good brands are like people. They have character, style and personality. In order to know someone (or a brand), it is essential to understand them completely.

Brand Pillars

Think of a friend you know. A simple statement about them couldn’t fully describe their character.

The Brand Pillar process creates a 360-degree perspective to really “see” the brand. Because brands have character, style and personality, we believe it takes multiple perspectives to mine into the authentic brand experience. Thinking of a brand like a personality allows us to capture its relevant characteristics (why it's different, lovable, loyal, etc). So think of the Brand Pillars like lenses that see the brand’s core values, but from different points of view.

The pillars are formed by ideas – some are perceptions, some facts, some are stories, and some are images, but they all converge to create this brand lens.

As the pillars come into focus something magical happens. It is their intersection. It is the one thing that all your family and friends would say about you. It's what makes you unique. This is the breakthrough that leads to revealing Brand Luminosity™.

Brand Luminosity™

Brand Luminosity™ is the inner child of the brand — the smiling eager strength that has been covered up by marketing and familiarity. By uncovering the essence of wonder and human connection in a brand, people can see it with new eyes. It draws on the elemental foundations of what really matters. Things like family, tradition, hope, and love.

Our approach

  • Step 1
    Consultation and brainstorming
  • Step 2
    Deconstruction of brand-speak message
  • Step 3
    Construction of Human Truth
    Brand Pillars
  • Step 4
    Reveal the Brand Luminosity™
  • Step 5
    Creation of the new authenticity relationship