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This is the single thing we do

Rather than reaching from the brand out, we start with people and what they stand for. Heart connection comes from mining into human truth — peeling back layers of the human condition to reveal what really matters. This revelation, and this alone, generates an authentic voice that we all can hear and recognize. This discovery reveals the inner light of a brand. We call this process Brand Luminosity™.

It is changing everything

As the world constantly reinvents itself, brands slide into the context of new ideas, new thought, and new priorities. Most surprisingly, brands don't need to speak the language of the emerging culture; but they must speak the language of the heart.

This is what Brand Luminosity reveals.

We work with causes, manufacturers and retailers to make brands visible again.

Welcome to Generation Truth

They had names like Boomers, X, Y and now Millennials. They all believed they were different. And they were in terms of music, pop-culture, even ideals. But they aren’t letters or labels; they’re people. And although different, one thing never changed — truth.

As generations emerge, the media machine rushes to the old model of marketing and adopts (or tries to) the new language and the face of the emerging buyer — never realizing the most important thing was there all the time.

It’s true; the sheer power of evolving media has numbed us a bit to everything. Yet, everyone responds to an emotional connection that surprises and delights us.

Welcome to Generation Truth — it is the humanity in all of us.

Professional experience

We have extensive experience with advertising, branding, cause marketing, promotions, and shopper marketing. Yet, Human Truth Marketing is more than a synthesis of these– it is a profound simplification of how people really feel, think and communicate.

Brand experience

Procter & Gamble — Crest, Iams, Tide, Olay, Prilosec OTC, CoverGirl, Vicks, Sunny D, Pantene, Scope, PUR, Tampax, Millstone, Pampers, Bounty, and more.

Other national brands include: Walmart, Hewlett-Packard, Nintendo, U.S. Bank, Brooks, Gerber, RealNetworks, Energizer, Disney, Altoids, American Cancer Society, Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital and more.